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Treasure the student's work

At CPSKG, we believe that every student is a unique treasure, brimming with potential and boundless creativity. We take immense pride in showcasing the remarkable work our students have produced, as it is a testament to their growth, imagination, and dedication.

Throughout the year, our students have engaged in a wide range of projects, learning activities, and explorations. We have carefully curated this webpage to highlight the most exceptional pieces from their accomplishments. Each creation holds a special place in our hearts and serves as a reminder of the incredible abilities of our young learners.

色彩與感受 · 認識149位孩子的情緒小精靈
童詩 · 童畫 · 普通話 85位孩子眼中的春·夏·秋·冬
160位孩子的童詩 · 童畫 · 普通話
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