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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do children have a chance to speak in English, Cantonese and Putonghua every day in class?

A: Our school has been adopting the ‘Biliterate and Trilingual’ policy and students get an opportunity to interact in all three languages in class every day.

Q: CPSKG emphasizes joyful learning process. Will effectiveness of teaching be neglected?

A: Definitely not. CPSKG hopes that our children not only learn new knowledge, but also enjoy each lesson. According to current studies in human brain science, a joyful learning process can enhance the effectiveness of learning. We encourage students’ to explore and discover new things by themselves, and nurture their ability in problem solving and knowledge construction. These are all essential elements in the learning process. Thus, all CPSKG students have outstanding performance in both their academic and personal development.

Q: Do CPSKG require students to do any homework?

A: Sure. CPSKG do require our students to finish homework after school. However, our school believes that the definition of homework is far beyond traditional repeat copying. Homework is a key record of students' learning processes. Through reading, writing and diaries, we aim to consolidate what children had learnt at school, as well as building up their sense of accomplishment and responsibilities. Appropriate amount of suitable homework will be given to our students.

Q: Do CPSKG accept transferred students from other schools?

A: CPSKG receive a number of applications from transferred students every year. Prospective parents may submit an application form for their children. Our school can schedule an interview for each applicants. We welcome transfer students to join our big family, however admission would be considered based on students’ past performance and the number of places left.

Q: Will CPSKG organize any open days?

A: CPSKG will organize several open days and school visits at different times on different occasions, throughout the year. Interested parents may refer to our homepage for up-to-date information.

Q: How did CPSKG set its school fee?

A: The amount of school fee set at CPSKG has to be approved by Education Bureau annually. The school fee for 2023/2024 school year is 6,330 per month (11 instalment) .

Q: Do CPSKG provide a school-bus service? Which areas does the service cover?

A: As students of CPSKG come from different districts in Hong Kong, we offer school bus services which cover most areas in Kowloon and New Territories. Please inquire with us.

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