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Principal's Message
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'Every child is unique, so is our school.'

We strongly believe that between the age of 3 and 6 it is critical to start nurturing children’s motivation and curiosity in learning. It is also an important time to begin teaching them essential learning skills as well as fostering their innate talent and potential. Our core objective is to build a solid foundation for their future academic advancement and personal development.

As a progressive and forward-thinking kindergarten, we attach much importance in ensuring that we are kept up-to-date with the latest theories and research in early-childhood development. This is to ensure that our children can be given the best possible opportunities to develop their learning skills and potential.

Our curriculum and pedagogy are based upon the theory of inquiry and experiential learning. Activities in our kindergarten are carefully designed to be age-approriate and to meet children’s needs. We give our children plenty of opportunities and a wide platform to learn through exploration and experience, as well as guiding them to learn how to construct and apply their knowledge.

We also attach much importance to the nurturing and development of our children’s literacy and communication skills at an early age. We have put together an English and Putonghua native teaching teams to ensure that our children have at least half of their daily lessons with an English teacher or a Putonghua teacher in the classroom. We also have a rich and structured language programme that is carefully designed to create interest through immersing our children in the world of English and Putonghua. We also give our children plenty of opportunities to communicate and interest in these two languages.

We are very thankful to our parents who consistently give us plenty of affirmation and support our work. This enables us to carry out our teaching tasks and to attain our objectives much more effectively. Through our web pages, we hope that parents will not only come to know us better, but are also able to experience this partnership spirit as children learn and grow confidently and happily in this fun and exceptionally caring kindergarten of ours.


Ann Ng Hing Lin


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