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Our Curriculum

When designing our kindergarten curriculum, we place emphasis on the effective development of our children's learning and thinking skills. Children's academic attainment and personal growth are of equal importance. Our objective is to start nurturing their positive attitudes and values from an early age. Through our vibrant, happy and exceptionally caring school environment, we are able to ensure that our children's engagement and interests in learning are well supported.

Blending the best of Chinese and International education ideals, our curriculum is progressive, and forward-looking and is based on an integrated, thematic, and inquiry approach that helps our children build lifelong learning skills and habits. Our engaging learning units and related teaching aids are designed in-house to guide our children on how to inquire and construct their own knowledge, hence igniting their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. We do this in response to what is expected in 21st-century education.

In addition, our curriculum and pedagogy also place emphasis on developing our children's Chinese and English language skills and Putonghua proficiency. Together with our diverse range of highly engaging learning programs, children arrive early opportunities to learn and develop their enteric skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, inquiry, and problem-solving skills etc, which are important for their future learning and life.

Our curriculum is based on the latest theory and best practices of inquiry and experiential learning. We structure our curriculum by exploiting strategies such as thematic activity learning, reading, and learning extension games, interactive learning, group collaborative learning, project learning, out-of-classroom learning and visits. etc, all together form our own unique and effective school curriculum. Our curriculum covers the following areas of children’s development :

1. Developing key skills, including:

。 Language & literacy

。 Personal & Social Development

。 Physical Fitness and Health

。 Artistic and Creative Development

。 Knowledge & Understanding of the World

。 Living & Technology

2. Intensive interactive practice in speaking English and Putonghua

3. Developing competence in communication skills


Individual Care

Respecting to the diverse pace of development of children, CPSKG strives to ensure that every child in our kindergarten receives the best possible individual care and support in the course of their growth and development. All students at CPSKG learn and grow in a happy, safe, highly supportive and encouraging school environment.

At our kindergarten, a system of individualized continuous assessment is used to monitor, evaluate and report on detailed progress of each child. Teachers observe and report on the detailed progress of each child. Teachers observe and record children’s learning outcomes, social development, conduct, behavior, development of their potential and attitudes towards work and people. Children’s achievements and positive improvements are also identified, encouraged and reinforced.

Parents are informed of their children’s progress through regular weekly reports. Special parents’ days are held three times each year for direct discussions between class teachers and parents on the progress of their children. In addition, seminars and events on special subjects such as parenting techniques, topics on child development etc. are held during the school year with the objective to enhance the quality of child care as well as the cooperation and communication between parents and the kindergarten.


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