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Theme Adventure: ALL ABOUT ANIMALS

🔎 Observation: The Key to Learning! 🔬

At CPSKG, we believe that observation is a vital part of the learning cycle! It helps our little ones develop their curiosity, critical thinking skills, and understanding of the world around them.💡

Through our World Animals Exhibition, we've provided the perfect platform for our little adventurers to put their observation skills to practice. Our little learners have been comparing the differences between various animals. They've been observing their appearances, habits, and even their habitats. By sharing their findings, they've sparked amazing discussions and expanded their knowledge together. 🤝💭

💡 Let us see the incredible moments captured during our observation activity!

You won't want to miss the adorable expressions of discovery and the joy on our children's faces as they make new connections about the amazing animal world. 📸🔍


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