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K3 Theme Based Measurement Game

🌟🔢 STEAM Everywhere! 🦒🦈

📏🔍 In this exciting measurement game, we're combining the magic of STEAM with our love for animals. Our K3 little ones are all ready to unleash their math skills as we explore the fascinating concept of measurement using various tools. 📐⚖️

From measuring the height of a towering giraffe to estimating the size of mighty Megalodon Sharks, we'll learn about different units of measurement and how they apply to our favorite creatures. Our little ones can enhance their calculation skills. We'll engage in activities like adding measurements, comparing sizes, and estimating quantities. These math skills will be integrated seamlessly into the game, making learning both fun and educational.

🌟💪 We'll also have the chance to collaborate with our peers, recording and sharing our findings. By sharing and discussing their results, they'll reinforce their understanding of measurement concepts and develop valuable teamwork skills. 📝


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