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Huawai Tongman Foreign Language School and Creative Secondary School Become Sister Schools 🎉

On 28 May, 2024, Huawai Tongman Foreign Language School (SCNUFL) and Creative Secondary

School (CSS) officially became sister schools. This historic partnership was celebrated at a special

signing ceremony held at the CSS campus.Our school is honored to be a sister school with Guangzhou Huawai Tongwen Foreign Language SchoolHuawai Tongman Foreign Language School.

SCNUFL is a school located in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, which is committed to bringing forth an

innovative, unique, and transcendent educational philosophy for the world and the future, and adhering

to the concept of “Embrace China, Embrace the World”.

The partnership agreement was signed by Mr.Philbert Zhu, the Chief Principal of SCNUFL, and Mr.

Stephen Hindes,the Principal of CSS. Apart from the teachers and students of Creative Secondary School, there were also the Principal of Creative Primary

School’s Kindergarten, Ms Ann Ng, and the Principal of Creative Primary School, Ms Clio Chan. Their

presence drove home the comprehensive nature of this collaboration. After all, this partnership aims to

facilitate academic and cultural exchanges. Through exchange and collaboration, both schools will

establish networks, enhance, understanding and communication, strengthen cultural interflow, and

achieve mutual advancement in the quality of education. Furthermore, the initiative will open up new

educational opportunities for students across all grade levels, and pave the way for future joint initiatives.

During the meeting, Principal Ann Ng from CPSKG presented the key features of the kindergarten

curriculum. This curriculum emphasizes Chinese, Putonghua, and English to provide a strong

foundation for young children. Principal Clio Chan from CPS then discussed the significance of the

International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), Brain-based Education, and

Invitational Education in nurturing primary school students. She further elaborated on how these

approaches support the development of primary school students.

The signing ceremony concluded with the exchange of symbolic souvenirs between the two schools,

solidifying their commitment to this long-term collaboration.

In the coming months, the schools will work closely to finalize the details of the exchange programmes, joint research projects, and other collaborative initiatives.


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