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🌍 Eyes on the World Series - Say Hello to the World!

We had an incredible day as we delved into the enchanting world of different cultures! Learning about the world has never been so much fun! 😊

Our amazing teachers took us on a tour, introducing us to the wonders of different countries. Our little ones dive into the richness of each culture as we discover their unique food, traditional customs, greetings, and even famous landmarks. Teachers brought the world to life right before our eyes!

But that's not all! Our little ones also got a chance to share their own travel experiences. We're so proud of their adventures and so happy to hear their stories. 🗺️

So, get your passports ready! Pack your curiosity, and join us on this incredible journey. Let's expand our horizons, celebrate diversity, and foster a global mindset right here in CPSKG!


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