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🌍✨ Eyes on the world - Music Around the World at CPSKG! 🎶🥁

We wanted to share with you all the incredible time our little ones had during Muse Week! 🎶✨ It was an unforgettable experience filled with so much fun and new musical adventures. 🎵🎉

1.Japanese Drum Experience Day

🌸🎶 Konnichiwa!

Our K2 and K3 little ones had an incredible cultural experience as they embarked on a musical journey through Japan! 🇯🇵✨ We explored the vibrant world of Japanese taiko drumming and traditional dancing, and it was an absolute delight to see our little ones immerse themselves in the rhythm and joy of this beautiful art form. 🥁

The excitement was contagious as they twirled and danced to the beat of the taiko drums. They had the opportunity to use Yosakoi moves as they gracefully celebrated Kochi Food and its breathtaking nature.

2. Chinese Musical Instruments Experience Day 🇨🇳

We immersed ourselves in the world of Chinese music and experienced the rich culture. From the powerful beats of the drums to the haunting melodies of the erhu and the resonant sounds of the gong, we were captivated by the beauty and diversity of Chinese musical instruments. 🎵 It was an incredible experience to feel the vibrations of the drums, strum the strings of the erhu, and strike the gong!

3. Western musical instruments Experience Day

Our little ones also had the opportunity to discover and play Western musical instruments, like the jazz drum, celesta, and wind chimes. It was an incredible chance to broaden our musical horizons and appreciate the beauty of different musical traditions. 🎵🌍

Our little ones have been on an amazing journey of cultural exploration, getting to know different dances, wearing traditional costumes, and even trying their hands at playing instruments from various countries. 🎵💃🌍

We are so proud of our little ones for embracing the world through music and dance. Their curiosity, enthusiasm, and open-mindedness inspire us all. Let's continue to support their artistic exploration, encouraging them to embrace new cultures, and fostering a global perspective that values our beautiful differences.


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